Save Time - Save Money - and thereby: Save the Environment

"Oracle Tuning Guy S.L. is specializing in optimizing Oracle based systems for better performance, less code overhead, reduced CPU cycles, making your end users, customers and the environment happier"


Let us help you "green-ify" your Oracle system today!

Why oracle tuning guy?

With almost 20 years of commercial experience in core Oracle database technologies across many industries, we are specializing in optimizing your Oracle based system, using proven methods and processes to achieve this.

Take advantage of our services today - the ROI potential is great and you get to contribute to our environmental improvements by reducing your electricity bill - as a free bonus.


  • Save time
  •         - Customers waiting less
  •         - Free up time for other tasks
  •         - Reports delivered earlier
  • Save money
  •         - Decisions on time
  •         - Lower energy bills
  •         - Reduce resource needs
  •         - Free up time for other tasks
  •         - Better scaling of code - no new HW
  • Save our Environment
  •         - Lower energy consumption
  •         - Lower environmental footprint
  • Great return on Investment

Help saving our environment by letting us make your Oracle environment become a greener one. We have proven track of reducing an applications CPU needs and thereby reducing your energy bill. Let us help you to green-ify your Oracle environment

Hot Offerings !!

"Customer Queue Terminator"

Are your customers lining up waiting for transactions to complete? Are your CSRs tearing their hair out trying to satisfy waiting and angry customers? Are your phone lines overloaded with impatient customers?

"Management-breathing-down-my-neck Remover"

"Is management breathing down your neck because you cannot deliver their reports on time? Management waiting for the latest figures? Want to get rid of them?.

"Back office-Break"

Are you loosing money because invoices go out too late? Are your batch jobs running into peak business hours? Let's make the day easier for your back office staff.



Latest News

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Oracle Tuning Guy S.L. is now official reseller of Method-R Products. "A must have for all DBAs and Developers"
"New offices in Fuengirola - Malaga
We have opened new offices in Fuengirola centre (Malaga province of Spain) come see us in Calle Feria de Jerez 15, Fuengirola
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We have finally gotten around to re-designing our web site. Let us know what you think!